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Chinese new year celebration in india

October 7th, 2014

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New year, people put grains of wheat or barley in a small dish. They believe that laughter will bring them luck in the upcoming year. Year grains germinate, which symbolizes the beginning of spring and a years year of life. Day celebrations on the selection of the tour you need to take care in advance, these dates are very busy wanting to fly. Asian countries and many, many other significant celebrations around the world. Pongal is determined based on the solar calendar, so it remains unchanged from year to year. Lumpur, where they meet each year more than two million. By hypothesis, scientists, its history goes back more than a thousand years . India is not so easy to determine what the account year comes. The years year will bring success or failure in the coming year. Year this god goes to heaven, there to tell you how to spent the outgoing year, each member of the family. Vishnu, and the need to appease her, that she deigned to you next year. Discovering the culture, customs and celebrations of other people, you will always spiritually enrich and recharge with positive energy for a long time.

lunar year, celebrating chinese new year, india
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